With its lush tropical planting and view of the Ivy Pool Spa this luxurious entertaining space is indeed a unique location. The Merivale team were responsible for selecting all the materials and incorporated a custom built bar and balcony making it a versatile entertaining space. The centre piece is the sunken curved leather lounge.

NSW Leather full grain Panama leather was selected for this timeless piece. Panama is an Analine leather that exhibits both an old world feel and natural modern look. With age this leather will develop its own life and last forever.

The colour Cognac was chosen as a rich shade that compliments the other natural materials used in the high end venue. Panama leather has hardwearing characteristics that will ensure the venue looks new after many late nights. The Panama leather upholsters particularly well in this design as it has a special tannage that is flexible and yet is easy to maintain. On this expansive leather piece Panama creates a very high comfort level.

Panama exhibits all the natural hallmarks and characteristics of Analine leather and is well suited in Commercial and residential applications

For more information about Panama leathers please contact your nearest NSW Leather Representative or view the selection on our E binder or Panama product page.

Project Name

The Ivy Penthouse




August 2019

Products Used