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Panama is pure aniline natural leather and is produced on the finest European raw material. Utilising natural oils and waxes in the drum, this leather produces a classic transparent finish with a slight pull up effect. Mineral tanned and Environmentally friendly this leather will last and age forever. Natural hallmarks in the leather and colour variation may be seen and illustrate the authenticity and purity of the leather. The Panama is suitable for use in both Domestic and Commercial applications.


Commercial / Domestic - Upholstery, Wall Panels & Curtains

A unique quality of aniline leathers is that colour variations can occur within each hide, from hide to hide and from batch to batch.  All leather for customer orders will be supplied within commercial tolerance.

Norfolk Range Specification Sheet 2023
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Panama In Black 1508
Panama In Blue Nocturne
Panama In Cognac 1503
Panama In Dark Brown 1504
Panama In Saddle 1501
Panama In Oxblood 1507
Panama In Orage 1506
Panama In Emerald 1505
Panama In Taupe 1502

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For 70 years NSW Leather Co. has been involved in the leather industry and we understand the need now more than ever, to preserve our planet.


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Leather is a beautiful natural product, holes, marks and scars are to be expected. Wheelmark certification for use in all Marine applications. Colour variations will occur with each screen/monitor. Prior to ordering any leather hides from the colour display on our site, please request a leather sample to verify colour accuracy.